Experiential Marketing Summit 2015

  • By: Codi Georges
  • In: events
  • On: July 22, 2015

Experiential Marketing Summit 2015 from Becreative on Vimeo.

San Francisco, EMS 2015

Every year for over a decade, Event Marketer Magazine puts on the largest conference on experiential marketing in the world. More than 1,500 marketers attend the Experiential Marketing Summit to learn about the latest marketing trends and best practices for face-to-face marketing. This event is a must for marketers worldwide.

Becreative was there with a booth from May 11-13 at the 2015 EMS. We showcased all of our physical, digital and custom interactive products to attendees. The Summit took place just after the company’s rebranding, so we also got a chance to promote our new brand.

Every person that stepped into our booth was walked through our products, which included Snaps and Press’d.

Interactives are extremely important in the event marketing industry. Becreative attracted EMS attendees with Press’d, our digital interactive solution to event marketing. In addition to its interactivity, attendees loved that Press’d could collect data and use it for future email marketing campaigns as well as a tool to identify a brand’s inefficiencies and target audience.

While Becreative was at the 2015 EMS, we learned a lot about vending. “Vending can be a monotonous, above-the-surface interaction between somebody giving something and somebody receiving something,” said Becreative Project Manager Aaron Finkle. “But Press’d allowed us to identify who was receiving what product and at what time, so we were able to keep in touch even after the event.”

Since the 2015 EMS, Becreative has created a more concise brand positioning and product offering. We are now widely known for creating experiences through branded products.

“We were able to showcase our new brand to a large audience of our peers and target audience,” Aaron said. “We established new business relationships and have generated greater interest in our custom interactive products.”

It’s important to create a connection that is deeper than just a flashy logo or a fun product giveaway. “If my intent is to connect with a brand, I want to make sure that connection is personal and long lasting with the aim to drive further interest or sales for the brand,” said Aaron. Becreative plans on doing just that for all of its clients, old and new.

After visiting our booth at the 2015 EMS, several leads have contacted us to place orders. We have provided these clients with our custom interactive products, like Snaps, and we plan on continuing this thriving business relationship.

Future events for Becreative include a mobile tour with State Farm in August, “Amazon AWS” with Nike in October and “Autodesk University” in November.