Social Media Marketing

  • By: Codi Georges
  • In: Knowledge
  • On: July 27, 2015

Why is being active on social media so important?


It can be difficult for marketers to find one medium of communication that will reach the masses. These days, posting content on only your website just doesn’t cut it. Consumers have officially moved to social media to get their information.


Though social media can be a scary thought for some, it’s becoming a necessary means of marketing. Here’s why:


1. Your brand is humanized.

Social media allows you to behave more like your consumers and less like an emotionless robot. You can actually show a sense of humor, which is what Pizza Hut does on its social media accounts.


2. You can talk directly to your consumer.

When you interact on social media, you’re no longer just a brand. You’re a person, and people like talking to other people (for the most part).


Wendy's photo









3. You can actually know your consumer.

You should probably know who is buying your product if you want to sell to them in the future. By viewing people’s profiles and online feeds, you can take a little peak into their daily lives, and modify your marketing strategy accordingly. Some people call this social media stalking, but we like to call it research.









4. You can respond to issues right away.

We all know that people take their complaints to social media. You probably have an aunt or coworker that constantly does this. If someone is complaining about your brand you have a chance to apologize directly and take action, which makes people feel important. And if there’s one thing people like more than complaining on social media, it’s feeling important to others.

Jet Blue 1


5. You can form a relationship with your consumer.

Social media is one of the top methods of communication right now. If you can’t meet your consumer face-to-face, the only way to form relationships is through online platforms. Brand loyalty increases when there is more online interaction between a brand and its consumers.

Target Photo








Now that we’ve told you some of the things to do on social media, we’d like to take the time to suggest what NOT to do…


1. Post NSFW photos.

If you’re thinking of posting some graphic images on your Facebook page, stop thinking about it and just don’t do it.


US Airways learned this the hard way.

US Airways















2. Ignore your research.

Before you post that fun, patriotic firework picture, make sure it’s not actually a picture of the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding.


American Apparel











3. Be as ironic and hypocritical as possible.

It’s okay to make fun of another brand once in a while… just make sure you’re not using its products while you do it.