Sol Distro


Sol Distro is a cannabis product distribution company that prides itself on safely and efficiently distributing products by cannabis brands who meet their standards of excellence. Sol Distro activates at events in order to increase brand awareness and educate the public on the medicinal benefits of the products they carry. Such events include Autism Speaks, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk and the High Times Cannabis Cup. With this in mind, Becreative strategized products that would not only reflect the lifestyle of the event and those attending, but also differentiate Sol Distro and its brand partners from the various other sponsors at these events. As a result, the products Becreative branded had a high perceived value on site, were continuously posted on attendee’s social feeds, and most importantly, prompted people to ask questions allowing Sol Distro to interact and educate consumers on their brands and products.

Becreative helped Sol Distro and their brand partners with various physical products, both as giveaways and retail goods. Becreative also created display/signage items and apparel for Sol Distro, Bhang, High Gorgeous, and Yummi Karma for the various events they attend throughout the year.

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