The Custom Era

  • By: Becreative
  • In: products
  • On: October 30, 2014

The now mentality is spreading like wildfire, and so is personalization. Customization and one of a kind products are becoming a standard practice in retail and consumer products. Brands are becoming more aware and are catering to one person through a unique and memorable experience. So, “What exactly is a custom interactive experience?” We asked Francisco Martinez, Creative Director at Becreative, to break down exactly what this means and how its changing the way brands and consumers interact at event experiences.

What is “Custom Interactive”?

Custom Interactive is when both a brand and consumer actively communicate through a series of interactions. The end goal is to provide the consumer with a memorable and purposeful one of a kind experience.

How does it apply to your new application?

People are always looking at how a brand connects with them, what it says to them, or how it will help them. Since our focus is experiential events, we know that its crucial for brands to provide an unforgettable experience. We’ve accomplished this by printing shirts onsite and allowing the attendees to create their own shirts from predetermined designs and logos. We did this at Autodesk’s “Autodesk University” in 2013. The result was great: a 2 hour line of engineers waiting to make a shirt.

Why did you make the custom interactive app?

A couple of reasons we made this app, the first one was obvious ­ time. We wanted people to do something else instead of wait in line. Digital is king so we decided a digital solution was the way to go. Not only did we want to cut wait time, we also wanted the user to feel like they were really creating their own shirt. Instead of them telling us where they wanted us to place the logo for them, we wanted them to do it using the mobile knowledge they intuitively have.

How did the custom interactive app come to life?

We started off by asking what people liked about our custom interactive products. After we secured the positives, we asked what was wrong with the current system. We had a clear goal to allow the user to have as much freedom as possible during the customization process. Since we knew that most of these activations would call for pre-determined logos, we needed to make sure the attention was on the process itself and not the app. We passed these ideas along to Dalip and his team at Devise. They were a huge help for us because they supplemented our front end vision with a solution for an easy and intuitive back end. This was crucial for us because we wanted to be sure that any brand ambassador could hop on this application and use it with minimal training.

Where do you plan on using it? Who will use it?

We’ve already got some events lined up: Amazon’s AWS:reInvent, Autodesk has come back for a second round, and Nike’s Cross Nationals. We hope that our idea gets a good response from the users and the brands.

How do you think it will change how people interact at events?

This will provide a new way of customization at events. The attendees will be able to share their creations immediately after they make their design, without having to log on to their phones or stop to take a picture. We’re confident brands will wrap up leaving a strong impression on attendees.

How else do you plan on using the application? In other words, how will it evolve?

We are working with the basics: tees, hats, and bags. We’ll push this forward for all types of apparel and hopefully any type of printable surface. The possibilities are endless when it comes to printing on­site. Our goal is to provide brands with the ability to step out of the branded physical products to other types of on­site interactions like games and surveys.