Website Content: Quality vs. Quantity

  • By: Codi Georges
  • In: Knowledge
  • On: August 5, 2015

“Less is more!” We hear this all the time. Unless you’re talking about tacos, the phrase might be true.

But when it comes to your brand’s blog or website, the perfect balance of quality and quantity is ideal. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you create that balance:

  1. 1. Would people care about what I’m saying?

Not only do you need enough content to get people’s attention, but you also need interesting content to keep their attention.


  1. 2. Is what I’m writing meaningful?

It can be easy to write pointless information to meet a word count. If you need more in your blog, make sure it’s adding to your message, not diluting it.


3. Does this sound like something I would say

Blogs are easy to read when they’re written in a conversational manner. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t write it down.


  1. 4. Am I making sense?

Sometimes when we try to say more we end up repeating ourselves and making no sense at all. If you have to force content onto a page, it probably shouldn’t be there.

Ryan G

  1. 5. What else do readers want to know?

You’re OBVIOUSLY an expert on the subject matter you’re writing about, but your readers are not. Put yourself in their shoes and think about any questions you left unanswered in your blog post.


  1. 6. Am I awake?

If you fell asleep while reading your own post, your blog is just plain boring. No amount of qualitative or quantitative content can save you at this point.

Morgan F